Hydrofarm Inc MT10006 9-by-19-1/2-Inch Seedling Heat Mat

Hydrofarm Inc MT10006 9-by-19-1/2-Inch Seedling Heat Mat

  • Seedling heat mat for better veggie, herb, and flower seed germination
  • Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature
  • Increases the success of seedlings and cuttings
  • UL listed, waterproof construction retains moisture for optimal safety
  • Includes 6-foot power cord, instructions; UL listed
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The Seedling Heat Mat uses 17 watts to warm root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature and improve seed germination and increases the success of seedlings and cuttings. UL listed, waterproof construction with six foot power cord.

I'm so glad I got this when it was still $27. All other Canadian suppliers I've seen offer similar products at a much higher price which to me is too expensive. Since winter began, I have started using this for my kombucha. It helps speed up the fermentation time very quickly - within 1.5-2 days I can start to see a 1/8 baby scoby developing. I don't place this underneath the jars because I hear that can overstimulate the yeast at the bottom. I let the mat heat the jars along it's sides. I try to avoid putting the mat directly on the jar because it can get really hot which can cause a yeast/bacteria imbalance or harm the scoby. I can't afford the thermostat ATM but I have left it on all night for weeks and it seems to work fine.

Another seedling brand I'd consider is Root Radiance offered at the .com site - you can get it shipped to Canada for $30 total which is still cheaper than what is being offered currently. I haven't tried it yet but the reviews seem positive.

Today I discovered a cheaper alternative (depending on size) called Flexwatt heat tape that works similar to this seedling mat that is usually used for warming up reptile tanks. You can even add a dimmer or thermostat on it. You can buy the parts separately and assemble yourself at your own risk or find a company like Reptile Basics or Incubator Warehouse that pre-assemble it for you with the cord or dimmer. The great thing about Flexwatt is that you're able to customize the width and length of the mat - making it as long as you'd need it (within manufacturer safety limits) or if you have several projects going on, you can attach several mats using one thermostat to control all the mats such as a rack system. I will consider buying one in the future as seedling mats and reptile mats are too expensive here in Canada. It looks exactly like the same material Kombucha Kamp and Fermwrap use at 1/3 of the price.
By Paperstars December 13, 2014
These have worked well for a few seasons now, and have produced healthier plants than I could using light alone. I purchased two, and that has been enough to pump out a steady stream of seedlings for my small garden.

I found that these fit neatly under most standard, rectangular seedling trays. They have never overheated, even when I let the soil go dry! They have proven to be well made and have a smooth, rubbery texture. The manufacturer specifically says to not get them wet or submerge them in water, but they have not failed even though I have subjected them to this adverse, unadvised condition. As long as you store them flat, and do not fold them, they should last for many years.

The extra warmth gives your plants a big boost in their beginning stages; my bush beans and peas have grown colossal, and it's barely mid-may! The heat is also really good for maintaining tropical and desert plants. Depending on the species, some exotic plants can start looking a bit sad if your climate is too cold.

I would recommend these to anyone who starts plants indoors before the frost is gone, or who has unique plants that only flourish in hot climates.
By Glennkon May 7, 2018
I got two of these, was very impressed by the results, sprouting within 2 days! So impressed that I have 3 more in shipping at the moment, now I'm considering returning those 3 when they arrive! Reason is, this mat is warm in the center but not around the edges! I'm talking 2 inches from the edge is completely cold, no germination whatsoever for the poor seeds around the edges!
By FS February 10, 2016
I knew a heat mat would help get my seeds started and after a hard time last year without a mat, I opted to find out for myself how helpful it would be. It wasn't even 48 hours and I could see some seed sprouts coming up! It's been 2 weeks & I have had to move most seedlings to bigger pots as they were quickly outgrowing the starter trays I had them in, I still use the mat, for my variety of peppers mostly. I will be ordering more mats before next growing season as I'm very impressed with how much it helped and will most certainly enjoy a great harvest this fall in our garden thanks to the heat mat.
By Candice McLeod April 11, 2016
Works very well however you need to know that the center of the mat will be warm whereas the corners and the surrounding (1-2inch all around the mat) will remain cold. It gets the bottom of your seedling trays +10+15 Celcius above room temperature. Works better after several hours of use when heat can build up in your container and soil. I had two seedlings trays for testing. Obviously the one with the heat mat germinated earlier and faster than the one without it. If you live in Canada and want to start germinating your seeds indoor early march-april; this product is your friend.
By Jérémy B March 15, 2016
The seedling mat is great for starting a small amounts of seeds. So don't get your hopes up on getting your garden started early with this. However, it is great for indoor seed starting for say, an indoor herb garden for example. There is no noise and the heat pad doesn't get super hot so you can place on a surface without needing to put some kind of protection between the mat and the surface.
By Michael See August 20, 2016
We had great success starting seeds indoors this year. The Hydrofarm Seedling Mat helped to get our seeds off to a good start and kept them healthy until we were ready to transplant them outdoors. It's low power usage made it affordable and we felt comfortable with the quality of the item to leave it plugged in all the time. We had a greater success with germination and keeping our seedlings healthy when using this mat, vs. when we tried to start seeds without it. Would highly recommend.
By JB September 5, 2016
I just purchased a second Hydrofarm heat mat for starting my tomato and pepper seeds. I have used one for 4 seasons now and it still works perfectly. Seeds sprout in half the time when mat is under the tray. Highly recommend for any home gardener who likes to start their plants from seed.
By Angela March 7, 2017