The Rainbow Fish Hardcover – Jan 27 1999 Marcus Pfister J Alison James NorthSouth Books 1558580093

The Rainbow Fish Hardcover – Jan 27 1999 Marcus Pfister J Alison James NorthSouth Books 1558580093

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If you read this very popular book just before bed, and the light is still on in the hallway, you can make the rainbow scales glitter on the page, and realize why the Rainbow Fish was so proud of his beautiful decoration. Sometimes, though, being too proud of outside beauty can blind a fish, or a child (or even, heaven forbid, a parent) to the beauty people hold inside. That's the lesson of this simple tale, imported from Switzerland. It's a useful one for future sneaker and designer clothing shoppers, for rainbow fish--and for quieter, plainer minnows, too.

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Despite some jazzy special effects achieved with shimmery holographs, this cautionary tale about selfishness and vanity has trouble staying afloat. Rainbow Fish, "the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean," refuses to share his prized iridescent scales--which, indeed, flash and sparkle like prisms as each page is turned. When his greed leaves him without friends or admirers, the lonely fish seeks advice from the wise octopus, who counsels him to give away his beauty and "discover how to be happy." The translation from the original German text doesn't enhance the story's predictable plot, and lapses into somewhat vague descriptions: after sharing a single scale, "a rather peculiar feeling came over Rainbow Fish." Deep purples, blues and greens bleed together in Pfister's liquid watercolors; unfortunately, the watery effect is abruptly interrupted by a few stark white, text-only pages. Ages 4-8.
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I feel like pages are missing from the original story but I could be wrong.
By chris April 23, 2018
Wonderful book about sharing. One of my favorites as a child, and now one of my two year old's favorites. Probably best for elementary school age children.
By Kaija Olson August 13, 2017
loved this book as a child, Now i get to read it to my son :)
By Peter and Amy June 30, 2018
Such a great lesson in this book! My kids love it.
By Skye August 29, 2016
Rainbow Fish Illustrations are always a hit in the classroom--no matter what book!
By Courtney April 16, 2015
This book is a great facilitator for social skills lessons. It's also pretty to look at and makes for great art projects. I made a beautiful bulletin board with all the characters of the book and kids' fish. We labelled it "what makes a good friend"? And each fish described a good friend quality like sharing, listening and playing together.
P. Berton
By Paula F. Berton October 22, 2009
Time of delivery and condition of book met my expectations
By shamain hartman September 23, 2016
This book is prefect for teaching children the qualities of sharing. We bought this book as it work well with our programme for the Sparks in Girl Gudies of Canada. Our Girls loved it too!
By Colleen Dalgliesh December 30, 2013